This page links to a few other personal projects that I’ve worked on over the years.

E-Commerce Sites

  • Noellie Bellies – A quick fund-raising site for JDRF’s Walk to Cure Diabetes.  This site went from the concept/discussion-stages to live on-line in less than a day.
  • Royal Bedding Inc – This site includes dynamically-generated inventory system that reads the client’s XML site in order to generate the web page using XSL and ASP.
    Note: Since creating this site, I encouraged the business owner to move the site to a full-service web host. They have since redesigned the site, so “my” version isn’t available any more. I’m keeping the link here to help out my friend’s Google rating.
  • Mimi’s Original Purses – Inactive site. I wrote an inventory system that dynamically shows shopping and gallery pages. Re-wrote most of the ASP for the site.  Sadly, Mimi has since discontinued this business.


Day-Job work

  • With my day-job, I’ve also done a lot of work creating web pages with JavaScript, CSS, and XML Data Islands.  I have done a good amount of work dynamically generating xhtml content (including OmniPlus documentation) using OmniScript.  Obviously, I cannot link to that content here.

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